Wells Fargo is least-respected company in America — even less than Big Tobacco

BY THOMAS HEATH, The Washington Post

Technology dominates our daily lives, rules the current stock market and commands — for now, at least — the esteem of America’s professional investors.

Four of the five most respected publicly traded companies in the United States are West Coast technology disrupters, with Berkshire Hathaway — a predominantly old-economy conglomerate — the lone non-technology firm among the leaders, according to the annual Barron’s ranking of 100 U.S.-based companies. It is based on a survey of money managers.

No. 1 is Alphabet, the parent company of Google, the search engine behemoth that dominates global advertising. Serial inventor Apple is No. 2, followed by online retail giant Amazon.com (its chief executive, Jeffrey P. Bezos, owns The Washington Post) at No. 3. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is No. 4. No. 5 is Microsoft, the tech granddaddy whose stock has soared under the leadership of chief executive Satya ­Nadella after sputtering for more than a decade.

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