The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) is the largest non-profit, homeownership and community advocacy organization in the country. NACA provides the best homeownership program for primarily low-to-moderate income people and communities. NACA provides America’s best mortgage with $13 Billion committed by major lenders on the following terms: no downpayment, no closing costs, no fees, and at a low market fixed rate without consideration of a borrower’s credit score.  NACA has made the dream of long-term affordable homeownership a reality for many thousands of low-to-moderate income homebuyers and modifying unaffordable mortgages for over 250,000 homeowners.

Powerful national advocacy

In addition to helping working people achieve homeownership, NACA’s organizing department continues the aggressive advocacy against predatory lenders, like Wells Fargo. Since 1988, NACA has been fighting for economic justice and have won against some of the most powerful financial corporations in the country. The NACA campaigns against lenders and other financial predators often last more than four years, since we do not stop until we accomplish our goals. We mobilize our full membership of hundreds of thousands of Members. We utilize all the resources at our disposal. We do whatever it takes to win based on a non-violent personalized campaign. We believe that powerful people and decision makers of companies need to be held personally responsible for their decisions that exploit working people. In the past, NACA has been successful in campaigns against Fleet, First Union, and Ford/Associates among others.

NACA is a high-profile organization, with its program and advocacy featured in the national media, including the Wall Street Journal, Primetime Live, Boston Globe, Washington Post, major news outlets, and local networks nationwide.