“Tell us what you knew and when you knew it!”

The Wells Fargo Justice Campaign began on April 25th when NACA’s CEO Bruce Marks confronted Wells Fargo’s CEO Tim Sloan at Wells Fargo’s annual meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. Marks and other dissatisfied stakeholders disrupted the meeting to demand answers from Tim Sloan and the board of directors to hold them personally accountable for Wells Fargo’s exploitative practices. Not only did Tim Sloan avoid the questions, but Bruce Marks was physically dragged out of the meeting. This is unacceptable.

Wells Fargo’s board of directors and CEO Tim Sloan enforced predatory sales practices for over 15 years, exploiting customers and employees in the name of illegal profit. Wells Fargo betrayed millions of customers in their fake accounts scandal, and wrongfully terminated employees who were not complicit in the predatory sales.

The victims of Wells Fargo’s greed-driven agenda deserve justice, and legal action must be taken against those who are responsible. The Wells Fargo Justice Campaign seeks to rally NACA members, present and former Wells Fargo employees, and victims of the scandal to incite action against Wells Fargo’s executives.

With your help, we can make Wells Fargo a more responsible and accountable financial institution. If Wells Fargo executives continue their refusal to constructively address these predatory practices, then Wells Fargo’s name will become so “toxic” that customers will refuse to do business with it.

The Wells Fargo Justice Campaign aims to achieve this goal through several key actions:

  • Contact Regulators — Connect individuals willing to take regulatory and legal action against Wells Fargo with Attorneys General and other officials. Use our website’s form to send an email to your Attorney General and tell him/her that you want Wells Fargo executives to be indicted.
  • Join the Lawsuits Identify victims of the fake accounts scandal and encourage them to join with others in legal action against Wells Fargo.
  • Customers Switch Banks — Reach out to 229,825 NACA members who collectively have over $17 billion in Wells Fargo accounts, and take our money to a different bank. Together, we can leverage our immense purchasing power to show Wells Fargo executives the grave repercussion of their incompetence.
  • Wells Employees Take Action — Encourage present or former Wells Fargo employees to become part of the campaign. As a previous or current employee, you are in the unique position to effect real change by sharing critical information to support our campaign.

You can contact NACA at 425-602-6222 or WellsFargoJustice@naca.com for answers to any questions, and to follow-up.